Ariel Winter’s Outfit at Kendall Jenner’s Party Turned Heads

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When you picture a Hollywood Halloween bash, you usually think of a bunch of celebrities going all out on their costumes. Some might show up in full production makeup in mindblowing ensembles. Maybe a few will even pack little robots stolen from the set of their latest films to surprise and terrorize friends and partygoers.

Ariel Winter said nuts to that and just showed up to Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party in her usual: shorts, bra, and little else.

Winter’s used to raising eyebrows with her attire, but this time it drew glances for entirely different reasons.

It was dressed down to the get down for Winter and boyfriend Levi Meaden, as Winter rocked her standard outfit of super high-cut denim shorts, leather bra top, and matching leather booties. Levi mirrored his girlfriend’s laissez-faire attitude to costuming with an outfit that practically screamed “whatever”. Ripped black jeans along with a black tee and a blue bomber jacket were topped off with a baseball cap and an expression that was either nervous or he just needed to use the restroom.

We know Kendall has a bunch of those since she just purchased Charlie Sheen’s infamous bachelor pad. There were at least six bathrooms in that place, although we’re sure Jenner can afford a reno.

Winter certainly doesn’t poopoo Halloween. Her Instagram shows she definitely got dressed up, going as Leeloo from The Fifth Element to the Universal Halloween Horror night, an event at Universal Studios. It’s like a massive haunted house if it took over an entire production studio, and had real performers acting out scenes from Saw, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, The Shining, and numerous Blumhouse horror films.

Things got a bit simpler in the costuming department when she and Levi went to Just Jared’s 6th annual Halloween party in Beverly Hills. The cuddly duo decided to rock matching skeleton outfits, with Winter’s naturally showing more skin than a skeleton usually has.

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After all that Halloween partying, maybe they were just costumed out by the time Kendall’s party came along?

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